KEBIDU Hands-free MP3 Player Decoder Board Bluetooth 5.0 6W amplifier Car FM Radio Module Support FM TF USB AUX Recorders

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USB: Connect to U disk (maximum support 32GB)
LED Color Screen: Digital Screen Display, Red Screen Display
Infrared receiving module
TF: Connect to TF memory card (maximum support 32GB)
AUX: Audio Input Interface
VOL-: Short press is the last song; Long press is the volume reduction.
PLAY/PAUSE: Short press is the switch between pause and playback; Long press is the radio FM automatic station.
VOL+: Short press is to choose the next song; Long press is to increase the volume.
Master IC: AC6926
Bluetooth IC: AC6926 Bluetooth version is version 5.0
Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APE lossless format music
Power: 2*3W, connected to two 3W speakers
Radio FM Frequency: 87.5-107.5 MHZ
Introduction of Support Functions: Support MP3/USB/TF/LINE IN/FM/BLUETOOTH/Remote Control/DC 5V
About structure: panel size: 107 * 25 MM, panel corner and screw hole position, then cover surface, the depth of the board is 32 MM
Description of recording function
1. Press the MODE button for a long time to start recording, and then press the MODE button for a long time to cancel recording function.
2. Press the PLAY/PAUSE key to play the recording file.
3. When recording, it is more necessary to connect a storage device, such as a U disk or a TF card.
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